---------- MAY 2018 ----------
(1) APPLY NOW!!  Open for new enrolment for FULL TIME students into SBP, UK Graduate Diploma for only RM495 monthly.

(2) PLKB collaboration program offered:
✓ UK Diploma
UK Graduate Diploma
✓ UK Postgraduate Diploma

Logistics, Hospitality, Business Management, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Management, Electrical Technology Management, Pre-School Teacher

LECTURER (Full Time) needed


Send your resume to : admin@plkb.edu.my or call us at 07 - 512 5215

(4) FULL SCHOLARSHIP for the Diploma courses offered for those students’ enrolled into the Full Time or Part Time Graduate Diploma program.

(5) PLKB is offering FREE TUITION & ENGLISH program for Secondary 4 and 5 students which leads them into IAAP, UK Diploma in Business Studies for only RM345.00!! LIMITED FOR 50 STUDENTS ONLY.

Institution Partners

The Society of Business Practitioners, UK

The Society of Business Practitioners was formed by a group of highly successful businessmen in 1956 with the aim to share their expertise, knowledge and skills that made them successful.

The aim of the Diploma programmes offered by the Society of Business Practitioners, UK is to help candidates acquire business administration knowledge and organizational theories under a wide range of subjects such as Principle of Marketing, Principle of Selling, Business Management, Business Organisation and Business Law and more. The subjects taught are practical, useful and most importantly, relevant to the business industry.

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About International Association of Accounting Professionals, UK
The International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP) offers international recognition for the finest business and accountancy qualifications in the world. The awards professional qualification worldwide, giving aspiring buisness professionals global for the very best financial skills.

About Learning Resources Network, UK
LRN is recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual. L
RN is recognised for its portfolio of international English qualifications for those who want to provide evidence of their English Language skills for their professional or personal development. These qualifications are internationally recognised as providing proof of the skills and abilities required by educational institutes, professional bodies and governments.