• Bachelor Degree holder in Business/Logistics/Hospitality/Engineering field

• With or without experience may apply as On-Job-Training is provided

• Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

RECRUITMENT EXECUTIVE (Part Time / Full Time) needed

• Degree holder in any field

• With or without experience may apply as On-Job-Training is provided

Send your resume to : or you may call us at 07 - 512 5215.

(1) OPEN FOR ENROLMENT 2021. Call us for more info at 016-7151794 today.

(2) Pusat Latihan Dan Kemahiran Bestari (PLKB) has been officially approved to be an SQA, UK Approved Examination Centre by SCOTTISH QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY since September 2018. 

(3) Progression route to higher education programmes with our collaboration partner universities from UK, Scotland and Singapore.

Partners (MHSA/ISTTC)

About Malayan Higher Skills Academy (MHSA)

Malayan Higher Skills Academy established 2015 as a education hub for international education provider to the professional training of working professionals and school leavers. 
To be an recognized institute in quality educational and training services for students and organization

To nurture and develop every student with recognized education, skills and knowledge useful for society and industrial.
Since inception, MHSA has actively tied up with Pusat Latihan & Kemahiran Bestari (PLKB), Malaysia to offer a wide range of educational and training program in business management, hospitality management, logistics management and industrial engineering management courses. The curriculum meet the needs of our students, equipping team as well for future academy study and career development. 

At Malayan Higher Skills Academy, our commitment is always to provide top-notch education and hence offer wide choises to gain pretigious qualification UK, Singapore and other countries.

The Education Partner work with PLKB/MHSA Academy was:


The London Management Qualifications (LMQ) is a UK based awarding organisation credit rated by SCQF validating a set of innovative programmes covering a range of levels of study. LMQ have accredited delivery centres who work in partnership with LMQ to deliver our curriculum globally. The LMQ awards allow partners to use a variety of assessment tools to provide training and development opportunities for the learners.

LMQ set out to develop qualifications that provide learners and employers with an award that recognise subject competencies. This approach helps employees from a widening participation background to build successful careers in global enterprises. By combining UK academic standards with relevant international content, our learners can achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

Industrial Skills TECH Training Centre establish 2014 as a skills based educational centre to provide skills program for working adults and school leavers. ISSTC collobrate with institution and professional acedemy to conduct various management, engineering and language program. The institution partnering with ISSTC was Pusat Latihan & Kemahiran Bestari (PLKB) Malaysia, and Malayan Higher Skills Academy (MHSA)

ISSTC Vision is providing quality education to cater for industry needs.

ISSTC Mission is develop quality students focus on the current market.

ISSTC also focus various education program from UK, Australia and USA to get the student recognized internationally and globally.

The Education Partner work with PLKB/ISTTC was:

Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration was established in Hong Kong in 1997 to enable people in business to have the opportunity for official individual recognition of professional attainment and to network with other business practitioners in different countries.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is the official training arm of the Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration. It aims to upgrade the professionalism, service and productivity of the business administration knowledge. It also provides training for members and actively promotes and provide business administration course in Hong Kong.


The Society of Business Practitioners was formed by a number of experienced educationalists and business executives to fulfil a need to set standards and principles in business practice which could best be achieved by examination processes. They determined that both inexperienced and mature students should be able to follow a career in further education or be proficient in employment. 
As an Examination Board, the SBP derives its strengths and agenda from its membership and students. It is a non-profit-making organisation whose aim is to enhance and promote vocational business education. It is governed by an Executive Council made up of honorary members who meet on a monthly basis to review policy. An executive staff is responsible for the day-to-day management of operations and administrative support, who ultimately report to the Academic Review Council (ARC), made up of adjunct faculty members. The ARC advises the Executive Council on academic and quality assurance.